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(Amended re-post from 2 years ago)

Please, for me, just stop. I realize we all have pet peeves, but there are some popularized phrases right now that are driving me crazy. Maybe it is me – maybe they were always popular. Maybe it is my issue – but over the past few weeks a handful of sayings are really driving me crazy. So, here are my Top 5 words and phrases we should cease using immediately.

5) No problem

Think about it – do you ever answer ‘No problem’ to something that you really want to do? Of course not, seemingly nobody does. No problem is the default answer to someone who asks you to do something you do not want to do, but is only going to be a mild annoyance. Now, I say this to and after sharing my thoughts on this with my secretary – she calls me on it all the time. And you know what – each time she calls me on it she is right. Think about . . .

o Could you re-send me that email (for the third time)? No problem.

o Can you take the garbage out? No problem.

o Do you want to go to Vegas at no cost for the weekend? No prob . . . Of course not – you would say absolutely – yes – something else, anything else – but not no problem.

4) I am busy or working hard

I have no doubt that your day was hard. My day seemed difficult as well. I do think, however, that by telling people how busy you are or how hard you are working simply bears one simple follow-up question that is NEVER asked – according to whom? I know a lot people work a lot harder in more difficult environments than I do. This helps me realize that I should not talk about how hard my day was – although I sometimes do. I also know that it is hard to believe how overwhelmed someone and how hard they are working after they live tweeted about binge watching an entire season of Orange is the New Black. When it comes to hard work – it is better to just do it rather than talk about it.

3) Irregardless

It is not a word people. Regardless is a word. Irregardless – not a word. Trust me – when I write this in Word, the red line comes up underneath. Irregardless – NOT A WORD!!

2) Just

In the vast majority of cases, just is a filler that can seem passive aggressive and or speak from a weakened position.

o I just wanted to check on . . .

o I just meant to see how . . .

o Just because it is the weekend does not mean . . .

o It will be just five minutes

In every single one of these statements – the sentence or statement reads better and stronger without the just: I wanted to check, it will be five minutes, etc.

Do not use just – it just makes you sound weak in your position and/or passive aggressive.

1) By all means – by no means

This is the one phrase that I hear the most out of the above and is the most ridiculous.

o Can Susie come over to play with Janie? By all means.

o By no means did I mean to offend you

o By all means have the last slice of pizza

What in the world are we saying? By any means necessary to you – consume that last piece of pizza. That is right, by any power or use of force you have take that last piece of pizza.

Now, this one is tricky. I am positive it is not the right use of the language, but this has become so popularized that not only is it accepted, but in many dictionaries the definition is even starting to align to this popularized usage. Trust me – it still sounds ridiculous and is overused.

By all means, do with this blog what you want, but I did work really hard on it and I just want people to like it irregardless of whether it was good or not. :D

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