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Dr. Caposey has been out to Wyoming twice to work with principals at Goshen County School District #1. Our principals appreciate is candid demeanor and the knowledge he brings to what works and what doesn’t work in schools to impact student achievement through coaching teachers, as opposed to evaluating them. As most districts, our teacher evaluation instrument focuses on so many teaching behaviors, we do not do any of them justice and it minimizes clarity in our expectations.  Our principals have specifically requested that he come back in to help them bring that clarity in the evaluation process.  He will be working with a team of principals and teachers to come to consensus on what this looks like in an evaluation instrument. What I appreciate most about Dr. Caposey is his willingness to share how his own failures have brought him to greater success. Taking a risk is always a part of growing as an educator.
Jean Chrostoski, Superintendent, Goshen County Schools
PJ Caposey provided our teachers with an outstanding interactive workshop that left them wanting more. Some post-workshop evaluation comments will shed some light on why we wouldn't hesitate to ask him back again:
"He made me think and reflect on my teaching practices,"
"His delivery was positive, honest, and realistic,"
"He brought clarity to an often confusing topic."
"Why couldn't he have spent more time with us?"
PJ's presentation style is engaging, motivating, and thought-provoking. By the end of his workshop, we felt like he was an old friend who enjoyed our company just as much as we enjoyed his!
Mimi Bannon, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
This school year we invited Mr. Caposey to speak to give an overview of the Danielson Model to our staff. He provided a wealth of information and helped the teachers gain a better understanding of the evaluation process and expectations.  He is an outstanding presenter and I would highly recommend him to any school district looking to gain a greater knowledge of the Danielson Model." 
Dr. Mike Greenlee, Superintendent, North Boone
PJ Caposey is one of the Illinois Principals Association’s most valued presenters. His personal experience as a principal provides practical insight and resources to meet the needs in schools today.
Jean Smith, Illinois Principals’ Association
This (wa)s one of the most rewarding Admin Academies I have attended through the years.  I appreciate your delivery as well as how patient you were today.  I can imagine your staff really enjoys working for you and with you.
Linda Borchew