PJ Caposey

Think About Your Worst Teacher

In one of my keynotes I start by asking the audience to think about their worst teacher.  Truth be told, I used to ask people to shout it out as a cathartic exercise. This worked well at conferences, but when I tried it when delivering the message to a single district one time it was followed by an eerie hush. Then it dawned on me, ALUMNI. People were shouting out the names of other people in the room!!!!  (SIDENOTE: I… Read More »Think About Your Worst Teacher

The Three Truths

I have a love/hate relationship with the Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) process. While the full description of my feelings about the process would be a much longer newsletter entry, today I want to focus on the most important thing I have learned from the training surrounding IBB – the concept of Three Truths. (Sidenote – the ladder of inference is a close second.) The Three Truths are simple. In every scenario, relationship, or situation where you are dealing with more… Read More »The Three Truths

The Pleasant Reality of Being Humbled

Humbled: To lower someone or something in significance or importance. I present the definition of the word for two reasons. First, it is a necessary backdrop to this newsletter entry. Second, it has become commonplace to state that you are humbled when earning an award, recognition, or accepting a new job. While commonplace, humbled is NOT the correct term in most of these situations.  Twenty-four months ago leaders in education, industry, politics, and every other arena were tossed in the… Read More »The Pleasant Reality of Being Humbled

What Aren’t You Seeing?

The other day I was working with a group of principals and during an unstructured time together they began sharing some of their problems of practice. One principal brilliantly walked her peer through a problem they were facing in a manner the other person had not considered. After receiving thanks for her help, the principal remarked that she was “much better at solving other people’s problems and not her own.”  We all chuckled, but then I started thinking about how… Read More »What Aren’t You Seeing?

Question of Commitment

It has been a rough several weeks in our household. I sincerely do not believe that we have had one day since December 1st where every child and adult in the house has been at school and/or work. While this has been annoying, tiresome, and frustrating, it is not lost on me how much more fortunate we are than many families right now.  I share the bumps in the road that my family has had with you because I have… Read More »Question of Commitment

2021 Top Ten

Tis the Time for Top Ten Lists I have done a TOP TEN list in a lot of different formats in the past. As I went down memory lane this year, there were a few core takeaways that I wanted to share with you before I went into the Top 10 list in earnest.  First, while 2021 was not easy, there was a tremendous amount of joy in the 365 days in my universe. In fact, it was not hard… Read More »2021 Top Ten

Go First

I was recently reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and there was a section with Olympian Gabrielle Reece in which she talked about the value of going first. This book is FULL of things to make you think and reflect, but this is the one that has stuck with me for over two weeks now. So, I thought I would use my newsletter this week to share the simple idea and what it has meant to me since then.… Read More »Go First

Happy Birthday to Me!

It is that time of year again . . . my annual musings on the year that was. I sit down to write this about a week before my birthday and I really enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and forcing reflection on the good and bad parts of the last year.  RULES:  Each blurb is limited to at most a general topic and no more than three sentences or three bullet points to support my thought.  Some thoughts… Read More »Happy Birthday to Me!

More Unites Us Than Divides Us

I was recently asked to write a one-a-month editorial for our local newspaper. It is an opportunity I deeply value and highly recommend you try to secure for yourself. In my October contribution to the paper, I addressed a topic that I believe is applicable across the board and would be meaningful on this platform as well, so I decided to use that editorial as a starting point in writing this week’s newsletter entry.  It never ceases to amaze me… Read More »More Unites Us Than Divides Us

Self-Care Dilemma

‘Self-care’ has become quite a buzzword in education, and, as such, has put leaders in a bit of a quandry. You cannot go to a single keynote without hearing about it, scroll through Twitter without it being a common theme, or sit through (what seems like) a single faculty meeting without it being brought up.  This is good, right?   Yes, but . . .  Let me explain. It is wonderful that more credence is being given to our health, both… Read More »Self-Care Dilemma