The Unfinished Leader


The key element that sets the incredibly effective leader apart from everyone else is their commitment to never settle for less than the very best.

This internal drive is what fuels the grind and what allows for the seemingly impossible to be done. This drive indicates one thing. It is a daily symbol of the leader’s firm recognition that they are unfinished. It is the personification of never being satisfied. It is the commitment to drain every last ounce of talent from our bodies while we have an opportunity to serve.

This book is a guidepost to help leaders understand they are works in progress and to help create a vision for their individual futures.

Making Evaluation Meaningful

with PJ Caposey

Re-evaluate your perspective on teacher evaluation to truly transform school performance!

The tools, strategies, and reflections in this book provide realistic solutions to the problem faced by many schools: meaningless evaluation. A considerable amount of time, energy, and money is spent on the teacher evaluation process, yet the question remains whether it is truly transforming the learning of teachers and, therefore, students.

This practical guide shows how evaluation can become the tie that binds all school improvement activities together to:

• Bring clarity and purpose to all educators making their roles more effective

• Improve teacher practice since they receive better support

• Increase student achievement and overall school culture

Manage Your Time

with PJ Caposey

In Manage Your Time or Time Will Manage You, Caposey identifies eight root causes of “time management difficulties” and provides treatment in the form of advice, support, and coping techniques for teachers and leaders who are

  • Work Avoidant
  • People Pleasers
  • Prisoners of the Moment
  • Checklist Dependent
  • Disorganized
  • Technology Avoidant
  • Self-Servers
  • Perpetually Imbalanced

Time management is a complex and personal issue best addressed through deep self-reflection or caring and thoughtful coaching. This book offers a blueprint for both. It will help you better understand yourself and the behaviors of those you work with or lead, promoting more productive teaching and leadership—and greater peace of mind.

Fully Charged

with PJ Caposey, Julie Adams, and rosa isiah

The young brain is different and highly influenced by environment; therefore, student success is not by chance, but by design. 

Julie Adams, PJ Caposey, and Rosa Isiah share the neuroscientific recipe to design a powerful educational system that supports our Student/Parent/Staff Maslow and Bloom needs that increases our capacity for greatness.

Are you ready to be #FULLYCHARGED?

Teach Smart

with PJ Caposey and Todd Whitaker

Transform your classroom from teacher-centered to learner-centered! This book shows you how with eleven easy-to-implement strategies you can use immediately to put students at the center! Get your students geared up for success and high achievement with great ideas for

  • providing a roadmap;
  • giving the work back;
  • differentiating daily instruction;
  • communicating for your audience, not to your audience;
  • giving students choices;
  • planning intentional engagement;
  • asking better questions, and so much more!

For each strategy, you get a clear example of what it looks like in action, as well as a breakdown of how to make it work in your classroom!

Student Voice

with michael lubelfeld, nick polyak, and pj caposey

This book is about incorporating student voice, student input, and student presence into leadership, decision-making and school improvement planning.

The authors take the surface level student involvement often seen and share actionable steps leaders can take to incorporate deep and meaningful student voice in leadership.

With actionable examples justifying the why and sharing the how – leadership skills from this book can be applied immediately. 

Building a Culture

with PJ Caposey

Written in a down-to-earth and people-first style, this book is for principals and aspiring school leaders. Caposey shares insightful advice and meaningful examples for building a healthy school culture. Learn the essential strategies that will help you transform and improve your school by embodying a service mindset and focusing on supporting the mission and vision, the professionals in the building, the students, and the community as a whole. 

This is also an ideal guide for students in a principal preparation course―demonstrating how a culture of support is at the heart of all successful school improvement efforts.

#FULLYCHARGED Systems-Stories, Science, & Strategies to Skyrocket Success

WITH Julie Adams, Rosa Isiah, PJ Caposey, Cheery Sugabo

Success is not by chance, but by design.

Initially, this next-generation text provides an overview of how individuals can systematically implement a strategy for increasing success in those with whom they work. Then, the book looks at the research concerning the developing young brain. As such, the text explains how the mind influences both the brain and the body, as well as discusses why a person’s mindset matters.

Next, this innovative resource examines why an individual’s mental and physical health matters. In that regard, the book outlines why it is important for people to live by principles, rather than by feelings. In turn, the book reviews several healthy stress-management strategies and points out how they can recharge themselves naturally.

Subsequent chapters address how to foster positive and powerful relationships, why diversity and inclusion should be valued, and whats involved in achieving purpose and self-actualization. In each area, the text features specific strategies that can be utilized by individuals to “charge their batteries.”

As such, the book challenges each reader concerning whether “they’re ready to get #FULLYCHARGED?