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The 2029 Challenge:
The Tyranny of the Status Quo

This motivational and thought-provoking speech challenges educators to begin leading change in their own lives, classrooms, and schools immediately. The presentation hits on several practical changes that can be made immediately and also presents several paradigms that must be internally challenged in order to create long-term personal and organizational change and growth. Start right now and make a difference.

In one year, you will wish you started today.

One at Bat

We all have one opportunity to live our life and too many of us are just going through the motions and not maximizing our one opportunity to be awesome.

Making Evaluation Meaningful

This presentation and workshop has been made coast-to-coast and featured in several publications and podcasts.

The focus is on how school leaders can transform teacher evaluation from a cumbersome and resource intensive process into one that truly impacts school culture and teacher performance.

The snippets of video above are from this keynote delivered in Summer 2018.

The Evolution of Education

This presentation focuses on the paradigm shifts necessary to move from a traditional curriculum and instructional strategies to one that meets the needs of 21st century learners. 

The presentation also provides 11 strategies a teacher can use to transform their classroom from traditional to student-centered. Most teachers would assert that their classroom is already driven by students, but when exposed to these practical and easy-to-implement strategies it becomes clear that growth is not only necessary, but most importantly abundantly possible.

This presentation also available as an Administrator Academy in Illinois. 

Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders

Also VERY POPULAR as a secondary presentation for parents.

This presentation helps educators understand the evolution of social media and the impact it is playing on our society. The thesis emphasized throughout the presentation is to meet our students and parents where they already are is designed to create a sense of urgency. Education is evolving and this presentation helps educators embrace the ever-changing world of social media.

In Illinois this is also available as an Administrator Academy.

Student Voice:
From Invisible to Invaluable

This presentation is designed for school leaders and helps them to understand that the most valuable and under-utilized resource in schools is the voice of the student. 

In no other industry are the primary customer and the primary boss’s voice so ignored. This presentation leverages the acronym, ASK’EM (Ask, Support, Know, Empower, and Monitor) to discuss how student voice can be used in several different capacities to support school and district improvement. 


Manage Your Time or
Your Time Will Manage You

Time management is not the issue. Truly, it is not. This very popular presentation based on a 2018 ASCD release unveils that time management is simply a symptom of one of eight larger issues. This talk is infused with humor and will help everyone identify why they may struggle with being as optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness. Participants will leave changed and inspired to make some immediate changes in their habits and lifestyle.

This presentation is also very popular to NON-EDUCATION audiences.


This keynote focuses on practical strategies to help leverage neuroscience to improve our ability to better serve students, parents, and fellow staff members.

The thesis of the presentation is that we must take of Maslow before we can focus on Bloom’s. This presentation is emotional and on top of helping educators queue into their empathy superpower it will provide teachers and school leaders with loads of practical solutions to everyday problems.

Additionally, this presentation includes the latest data, research, and resources to expose educators to the issues surrounding ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

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