2021 Top Ten

Tis the Time for Top Ten Lists

I have done a TOP TEN list in a lot of different formats in the past. As I went down memory lane this year, there were a few core takeaways that I wanted to share with you before I went into the Top 10 list in earnest. 

First, while 2021 was not easy, there was a tremendous amount of joy in the 365 days in my universe. In fact, it was not hard to find when I went back through things I wrote, read, pictures taken, and meetings held. I found this a really nice mental exercise to go through. 

Next, is that the difficulty of 2021 helped me grow in ways that I did not anticipate or prepare for over the course of the year. Growth is typically on the other side of discomfort and Lord knows much of this year was uncomfortable. 

Lastly, it is easy to bemoan all that 2021 was not, but my mood was immediately improved when I focused on all the things that I am grateful for that occurred during this most interesting year. 

This Top 10 is selfish. I could use analytics from my website to share what was most consumed, shared, etc. but I thought it a more authentic use of my time if I transparently shared what I enjoyed creating the most. So, thank you for indulging me in this trip down memory lane. 

From 10 to 1 . . . some with explanations

NBC 5 Chicago with PAPER.CO

As a Chicago-kid being on NBC 5 was a thrill. I also love partnering with Paper.Co so sharing their story again in any way is a bonus.

Journal – Three Core Financial Principles to Drive Progress

I was able to write in an academic journal and quote Kanye West in the opening . . . winning!!

EdWeek – Student ‘Compliance Does Not Equal Engagement’

Until we have a mutual understanding of what engagement means evaluators, coaches, and teachers will continue to have dialogue that has parties talking past each other instead of to each other.

Edutopia – 4 Mantras for Leading With Integrity

Courage over comfort. This may be the deciding factor that allows people to transform into leaders. Leaders choose courage over comfort. 

Journal – IL ASCD – Let’s Discontinue the Term Learning Loss

This phrase had downright ticked me off for a year. I get a couple thousand words to explain why here. 

Edutopia – How School Leaders Can Build Realistic Optimism

A personal look at the toll the Pandemic took on me and how I bounced back. 

Who are you lying to?

This may have been the most natural post I wrote this year . . . truly my voice in every sentence of this newsletter. 

Edmentum – Fact, Fiction or Fuzzy

A really fun ten minutes with the good folks at Edmentum. 

Pushing Boundaries – Leadership and Life

Not your typical podcast hit . . . got pretty deep right away. Really enjoyed the conversation. 

Birthday Post

My favorite thing I write every year . . . a glimpse into my learning and observations throughout the year.