#IAedchat Podcast

I was incredibly fortunate to hang out with the #IAedchat crew (1.28.18) and have a very REAL conversation about the state of teacher evaluation in our schools and what we can do to improve it. Check it out. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/iaedchat/episodes/2018-01-28T19_34_10-08_00

It’s Time We Had a Talk

It’s Time We Had a Talk This year, the past year of your professional life, was the easiest year you will have the rest of your life. Yes, last year. Yes, the year when a new initiative was created by someone above you that you only half-heartedly agreed with. Yes, the year when the ‘tough’ class came through your classroom or building. That year. That year was easiest year of the rest of your career. Think that is impossible. Look… Read More »It’s Time We Had a Talk

Learning from Failure

The beginning of the year is wonderful. The world is very much defined by renewed enthusiasm and conviction to lead a better life in the new calendar year than the one led in the past. Twitter is a great place to see these proclamations of new focus and energy. The one word movement started by Jon Gordon has reached an enormous number of people and is profoundly important and revered in the educational community – where I spend the lion’s… Read More »Learning from Failure

Top 10 Educational #GameChangers of 2017

As we draw to the end of the calendar year, I thought it an appropriate time to highlight the educators that are truly moving things forward in our profession. The true #gamechangers. The new-year is the time for hope and renewal. For many educators, this renewal is about focus and professional growth. So, this list is to highlight the best and brightest (in my opinion) in the world of education in hopes others follow their work and follow their lead… Read More »Top 10 Educational #GameChangers of 2017

IASA Superintendent of Distinction

This past week I was named the Superintendent of Distinction for the NW region of IASA. As with all recognition, this is truly humbling. The fact that is a recognition provided by my peers that work around and directly with me makes it even more so. It is vitally important, however, that it is noted that I receive recognition almost entirely based on the work of others. Such is the nature of the Superintendency — so, this award belongs to… Read More »IASA Superintendent of Distinction

Interview with Larry Ferlazzo about Making Evaluation Meaningful

PJ Caposey agreed to answer a few questions about his new book, Making Evaluation Meaningful: Transforming the Conversation to Transform Schools. Dr. PJ Caposey is an award-winning principal and superintendent who is an expert in teacher evaluation, school culture, personalized learning, and student voice. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @MCUSDSupe. LF: You talk about the importance of giving teachers feedback using a “why, how, what” formula. This seems to me to be a good strategy for teachers’ giving student feedback, too. … Read More »Interview with Larry Ferlazzo about Making Evaluation Meaningful

Leading Innovation

Check out my most recent blog for Ed Week at http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/classroom_qa_with_larry_ferlazzo/2017/06/response_leaders_must_walk-the-walk_and_create_a_culture_of_innovation.html

Five things to know about college freshmen

Really interesting, research-based, piece identifying what society needs to know about our ’13th’ graders. Issues explored include social media, mental health, and politics. http://www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-edu-american-freshmen-20170501-htmlstory.html