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It is all about relationships

POST ORIGINATED in EdWeek Teacher This may be unpopular. Heavens knows it was unpopular when I would say it at the opening faculty meeting of every year as a principal, but I believe this statement in the depths of my soul.  “The minute I am required to assist you in discipline, classroom management, by default, has failed.” I would clarify that it did not mean that they had failed, but as an administrator, the instant I am involved it is no… Read More »It is all about relationships

Not ready for summer to end?

Are you #FullyCharged? For educators, the summer is a lot of things. It is a time to grow, reflect, and learn. It is also, more importantly, a time to relax, re-connect with family and friends, get fit, and enjoy some down time. One of the things I have learned recently is back-to-school time is not for everyone. I mean this sincerely. Just because I already have excited butterflies in my stomach and it is not August 1st yet makes me no… Read More »Not ready for summer to end?

10 Tips for District Leaders During Hiring/Firing Season

I am writing this as an open letter to my colleagues as superintendents and to the Boards of Education they serve. This is hiring and firing season – actually, in reverse order. This is the time of year where evaluations and finances lead to uncomfortable recommendations to end a person’s or persons’ employment within the district. These are incredibly challenging times. They are easily the most difficult Board meetings of the year and at no time is a Board’s trust… Read More »10 Tips for District Leaders During Hiring/Firing Season