Industry Leaders Comment on Making Evaluation Meaningful

Making Evaluation Meaningful   Re-evaluate your perspective on teacher evaluation to truly transform school performance! The tools, strategies, and reflections in this book provide realistic solutions to the problem faced by many schools: meaningless evaluation. A considerable amount of time, energy, and money is spent on the teacher evaluation process, yet the question remains whether it is truly transforming the learning of teachers and, therefore, students. This practical guide shows how evaluation can become the tie that binds all school… Read More »Industry Leaders Comment on Making Evaluation Meaningful

Interview with Larry Ferlazzo about Making Evaluation Meaningful

PJ Caposey agreed to answer a few questions about his new book, Making Evaluation Meaningful: Transforming the Conversation to Transform Schools. Dr. PJ Caposey is an award-winning principal and superintendent who is an expert in teacher evaluation, school culture, personalized learning, and student voice. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @MCUSDSupe. LF: You talk about the importance of giving teachers feedback using a “why, how, what” formula. This seems to me to be a good strategy for teachers’ giving student feedback, too. … Read More »Interview with Larry Ferlazzo about Making Evaluation Meaningful

Leading Innovation

Check out my most recent blog for Ed Week at http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/classroom_qa_with_larry_ferlazzo/2017/06/response_leaders_must_walk-the-walk_and_create_a_culture_of_innovation.html

What ails rural schools

As first seen in EdWeek Teacher in a blog series hosted by Larry Ferlazzo . . . Whether you subscribe to the ranking systems of schools put forth by outside entities or not, for the sake of this blog I encourage you to indulge me. Of the Top 60 schools in my state (Illinois) as ranked by US News and World Report, only one school could be considered rural, and it is certainly not poor and boasts a teacher: student… Read More »What ails rural schools