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It is all about relationships

POST ORIGINATED in EdWeek Teacher This may be unpopular. Heavens knows it was unpopular when I would say it at the opening faculty meeting of every year as a principal, but I believe this statement in the depths of my soul.  “The minute I am required to assist you in discipline, classroom management, by default, has failed.” I would clarify that it did not mean that they had failed, but as an administrator, the instant I am involved it is no… Read More »It is all about relationships

Top 10 Educational #GameChangers of 2017

As we draw to the end of the calendar year, I thought it an appropriate time to highlight the educators that are truly moving things forward in our profession. The true #gamechangers. The new-year is the time for hope and renewal. For many educators, this renewal is about focus and professional growth. So, this list is to highlight the best and brightest (in my opinion) in the world of education in hopes others follow their work and follow their lead… Read More »Top 10 Educational #GameChangers of 2017

Industry Leaders Comment on Making Evaluation Meaningful

Making Evaluation Meaningful   Re-evaluate your perspective on teacher evaluation to truly transform school performance! The tools, strategies, and reflections in this book provide realistic solutions to the problem faced by many schools: meaningless evaluation. A considerable amount of time, energy, and money is spent on the teacher evaluation process, yet the question remains whether it is truly transforming the learning of teachers and, therefore, students. This practical guide shows how evaluation can become the tie that binds all school… Read More »Industry Leaders Comment on Making Evaluation Meaningful

Leading Innovation

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What ails rural schools

As first seen in EdWeek Teacher in a blog series hosted by Larry Ferlazzo . . . Whether you subscribe to the ranking systems of schools put forth by outside entities or not, for the sake of this blog I encourage you to indulge me. Of the Top 60 schools in my state (Illinois) as ranked by US News and World Report, only one school could be considered rural, and it is certainly not poor and boasts a teacher: student… Read More »What ails rural schools