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You were Never Supposed to Fill from Your Cup (Guest post)

GUEST POST FROM DEANA SIMPSON @k5instructcoach Happy New Year!  Those words are full of great meaning for a new starts, dreams to fulfill, moments to hope and plan for, and even doors to pass through to get where we are intended to be.  I should start this blog off by explaining first, the things that fill my cup so you know how I got here. I love time with my family, my friends, my faith, and yes, my profession.  My… Read More »You were Never Supposed to Fill from Your Cup (Guest post)

My thoughts on my 37th trip around the sun

I am a couple of days late on my birthday gift to myself (a long former email, now social media post) that at least some of you seem to read and enjoy based on the several,  delicate reminders I received reminding me it was late this year. New rule for myself this year . . . each musing is limited to at most a general topic and no more than three sentences or three bullet points to support my thought.… Read More »My thoughts on my 37th trip around the sun

My Advice for New Superintendents

About three months ago a few aspiring superintendents asked me what pieces of advice I would give a first year superintendent. I am sure it was an assignment for grad school – I am not that cool to be randomly approached. I rattled off a few things – that I deeply believe in – but I did not give it a ton of thought at the time. As I approach the end of my fourth year as a superintendent I… Read More »My Advice for New Superintendents

PSA for dads: Play Fortnite

This is written as a PSA for dads as I am one, but I assume everything said here would work for moms as well. My oldest son was five on the hardest day of my career. As a high school principal we had a student suddenly pass. I remember leading the building through a very difficult week and while I was emotional, I had not cracked. On Friday, the superintendent, my assistant principal, and I did the heart-wrenching work of… Read More »PSA for dads: Play Fortnite

This is getting serious . . .

I Love Public Education I love public education . . . and I am having a hard time sleeping at night. Here is why . . . About a week ago I was doing my due diligence as a school superintendent and engaging in a conversation with a state-level legislator. As my colleagues and I were discussing the growing teacher shortage in our area I felt as though the elected official was putting the impetus back on districts to do… Read More »This is getting serious . . .

#IAedchat Podcast

I was incredibly fortunate to hang out with the #IAedchat crew (1.28.18) and have a very REAL conversation about the state of teacher evaluation in our schools and what we can do to improve it. Check it out. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/iaedchat/episodes/2018-01-28T19_34_10-08_00

It’s Time We Had a Talk

It’s Time We Had a Talk This year, the past year of your professional life, was the easiest year you will have the rest of your life. Yes, last year. Yes, the year when a new initiative was created by someone above you that you only half-heartedly agreed with. Yes, the year when the ‘tough’ class came through your classroom or building. That year. That year was easiest year of the rest of your career. Think that is impossible. Look… Read More »It’s Time We Had a Talk

Learning from Failure

The beginning of the year is wonderful. The world is very much defined by renewed enthusiasm and conviction to lead a better life in the new calendar year than the one led in the past. Twitter is a great place to see these proclamations of new focus and energy. The one word movement started by Jon Gordon has reached an enormous number of people and is profoundly important and revered in the educational community – where I spend the lion’s… Read More »Learning from Failure

California League of Schools – Fall Conference 17

I have had an incredible experience in San Diego thus far and I am sure it is going to continue to improve. What a great list of speakers and colleagues to connect. The #CLSFall17 conference has an incredible lineup of speakers and I am fortunate to be one of them. So glad I will be able to hear Julie Adams, Rosa Perez-Isiah, and Lavonna Roth (all on the same day). Click here to see the link to my presentation.