A Look Behind the Curtain

Transparent Look Inside a Snow Day from a Superintendent’s Perspective The easiest way to explain a snow day from a transparent and vulnerable perspective is to provide an annotated timeline of what occurs from my lens. I am very cognizant that my lens is fallible and filled with my personal skew and bias. In this timeline I will place the commonly heard complaints. This IS NOT intended to be passive aggressive. It is just to demonstrate that I am acutely… Read More »A Look Behind the Curtain

Politically Speaking . . .

As a school superintendent, politics are a scary subject. At least they are for me. I am very measured in how I speak about anything political that does not involve my school or students directly. I advocate with my local legislators on behalf of my district and I openly support them because they have been wonderful to my district – but that is as far as it goes. I simply fear alienating a decent percentage of my stakeholders regardless of… Read More »Politically Speaking . . .

My Advice for New Superintendents

About three months ago a few aspiring superintendents asked me what pieces of advice I would give a first year superintendent. I am sure it was an assignment for grad school – I am not that cool to be randomly approached. I rattled off a few things – that I deeply believe in – but I did not give it a ton of thought at the time. As I approach the end of my fourth year as a superintendent I… Read More »My Advice for New Superintendents