2021 Top Ten

Tis the Time for Top Ten Lists I have done a TOP TEN list in a lot of different formats in the past. As I went down memory lane this year, there were a few core takeaways that I wanted to share with you before I went into the Top 10 list in earnest.  First, while 2021 was not easy, there was a tremendous amount of joy in the 365 days in my universe. In fact, it was not hard… Read More »2021 Top Ten

It is all about relationships

POST ORIGINATED in EdWeek Teacher This may be unpopular. Heavens knows it was unpopular when I would say it at the opening faculty meeting of every year as a principal, but I believe this statement in the depths of my soul.  “The minute I am required to assist you in discipline, classroom management, by default, has failed.” I would clarify that it did not mean that they had failed, but as an administrator, the instant I am involved it is no… Read More »It is all about relationships