My 40th Birthday

I am about to turn 40. I definitely do not have anxiety about turning 40 or anything like that, but there is something about a round number such as this that makes you take inventory. So, as I sit here and try to capture the thoughts I have had in this – the strangest of all of my adult years – I do so with an acute awareness of how lucky I am to be turning 40 happily married, with… Read More »My 40th Birthday

If Schools Close, This Will Be the Reason

Tomorrow morning the buses will run and students, albeit in a limited number, will enter our doors. At that moment, for the first time in months, school will feel normal. All educators, at least the great ones I know, went into education to work with kids. Tomorrow is going to give us the opportunity to do so again. We will have an opportunity to do what it is we do best. No more excruciating hours playing arm-chair epidemiologist or health… Read More »If Schools Close, This Will Be the Reason

Why telling people to ‘re-charge’ is probably stressing them out.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to quit telling each other to re-charge. Listen, I understand the hypocrisy coming from a guy who has written two books on how to be #FullyCharged. And yes, I still boldly believe and support everything in those books, but I think we are in a danger zone. Joe Mullikin (@joemullikin86) prompted me to think about this. He said maybe enough is enough on this topic and then we had a great dialogue processing through this.… Read More »Why telling people to ‘re-charge’ is probably stressing them out.

It is all about relationships

POST ORIGINATED in EdWeek Teacher This may be unpopular. Heavens knows it was unpopular when I would say it at the opening faculty meeting of every year as a principal, but I believe this statement in the depths of my soul.  “The minute I am required to assist you in discipline, classroom management, by default, has failed.” I would clarify that it did not mean that they had failed, but as an administrator, the instant I am involved it is no… Read More »It is all about relationships

Why every superintendent should attend #ASUGSV at least once

A Superintendents #ASUGSV19 experience Late last year (2018) I was asked if I wanted to attend #ASUGSV. I (embarrassingly) had never heard of the event. So, I closed out that email and Google’d the event. The conference website popped up and I saw the list of former and future speakers and rushed back into my email to say I am in if the spot still existed for me. (What other conference can you hear from the likes of Andre Agassi… Read More »Why every superintendent should attend #ASUGSV at least once

Don’t make a (typical) New Year’s Resolution, please.

At the end of each December so many of us resort to the annual tradition of reflection and setting ourselves upon a new path by way of a New Year’s Resolution. For many of us in the education community, the traditional process has been slightly disrupted by the #oneword movement inspired by Jon Gordon in which we are challenged to focus on a singular word in the upcoming year. The thought being a singular focus would help with fidelity and… Read More »Don’t make a (typical) New Year’s Resolution, please.

The class of 2030

Great look at what is necessary to support our learners entering school today. Again, the McKinsey report never fails to help education tell its truth.

My thoughts on my 37th trip around the sun

I am a couple of days late on my birthday gift to myself (a long former email, now social media post) that at least some of you seem to read and enjoy based on the several,  delicate reminders I received reminding me it was late this year. New rule for myself this year . . . each musing is limited to at most a general topic and no more than three sentences or three bullet points to support my thought.… Read More »My thoughts on my 37th trip around the sun

Politically Speaking . . .

As a school superintendent, politics are a scary subject. At least they are for me. I am very measured in how I speak about anything political that does not involve my school or students directly. I advocate with my local legislators on behalf of my district and I openly support them because they have been wonderful to my district – but that is as far as it goes. I simply fear alienating a decent percentage of my stakeholders regardless of… Read More »Politically Speaking . . .